AJK Outfitters, Accommodation Outfitting Specialist
AJK Outfitters, Accommodation Outfitting Specialist

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The AJK Outfitters’ team collaborated with our client at every stage of the project to ensure the custom fit out was fit-for-purpose for the young professional or student rental target market.
The AJK team worked with The Switch to alter the fit-out program substantially to ensure that all client rooms would be ready in time for customer occupancy.
At over 118m high, the Yugo student housing property is the tallest student accommodation development in Adelaide. The total project value was $110M AUD.
6 different room types, first student accommodation to be installed with pre-fabricated twin room privacy screens as part of the non-fixed FFE.
Fixed joinery, bedroom settings, wardrobes, integrated desk and luggage rack, seating, customised TV units for premium suites.
Client was St Hilliers Property, on behalf of the Federal Government.
5 different room types, including pre-fabricated twin room divider screens, five amenity areas including rooftop garden with functional mixed use indoor / outdoor furniture.
4 Different room types, multiple external high rise roof gardens amenity and social spaces.
6 Different room types, 8 bed cluster apartments, Studios and 3/4/6 single ensuites.