AJK Outfitters, Accommodation Outfitting Specialist
AJK Outfitters, Accommodation Outfitting Specialist

Completed Projects

Villawood Immigration & Detention Centre: 124 rooms
Urbanest Carlton: 240 rooms
Urbanest Swanston: 550 rooms
Urbanest Darling Square: 650 rooms
Felix Hotel Mascot: 150 rooms
Urbanest Haymarket: 350 rooms
Urbanest Glebe: 160 rooms
Urbanest Darlington: 460 rooms
Urbanest Latrobe: 462 rooms

Urbanest Ultimo: 660 rooms
Urbanest Redfern: 450 rooms
Urbanest Carlton VIC: 275 rooms
BHP Mining, Guangdong, China: 2,500 rooms
Fortescue Mining, Guangdong, China: 3,500 rooms
UWS Campbelltown NSW: 200 rooms
UWS Penrith: 100 rooms
UNSW Kensington: 1,021 rooms
UWS Parramatta: 350 rooms

  • All
  • Student Accommodation
  • Hotel Interiors
  • Corrective Services Facilities
6 different room types, first student accommodation to be installed with pre-fabricated twin room privacy screens as part of the non-fixed FFE.
Fixed joinery, bedroom settings, wardrobes, integrated desk and luggage rack, seating, customised TV units for premium suites.
Client was St Hilliers Property, on behalf of the Federal Government.
5 different room types, including pre-fabricated twin room divider screens, five amenity areas including rooftop garden with functional mixed use indoor / outdoor furniture.
4 Different room types, multiple external high rise roof gardens amenity and social spaces.
6 Different room types, 8 bed cluster apartments, Studios and 3/4/6 single ensuites.