Evolution and Development


By working closely with our business partners, their design teams, and through ongoing market research, AJK aim to provide evolving innovative products and services. We will continue to define the benchmarks for furniture outfitting projects. With open eyes, and the desire to become a leader in our field, we can embrace new technologies, strategies and business models (expansion, franchising, agencies etc), with which to grow ourselves whilst maintaining strong commitment to our core values.


We understand the benefits of being a market leader and staying in front. the difference fresh ideas and custom made or purpose built furniture & accessories can achieve, and provide, in value adding to the overall accommodation experience offered with each successful accommodation project completed. We will endeavour to exceed the challenges associated with the ongoing development of an evolving product, that may be a critical component in establishing and maintaining our business relationship with our business partners.


AJK clearly understand the priority given to completing every project on time, and the likely costs that might be associated should any delays hinder successfully meeting the projects completion timelines. Whilst we have had a 100% success rate todate in completing all projects (that were in turn ready to be outfitted) on time. We remain ever mindful of possible project delays, for any reason, whether caused by ourselves, or by other contractors, that might impact the successful completion of the project.

Our team is committed to actively assisting with, and responding to, the challenges and consequences associated with building delays that might be experienced by our business partners from time to time, and their efforts to complete projects on time, wherever, and whenever practical. With a proactive approach to time managing each project, all parties need to remain aware of any issues that might adversely impact on the commencement and/or successful completion of works associated with each project.

A planned and timely mitigation response to any adverse risk management issues, is a key consideration to be developed and implemented between all related parties, as soon as practical, with any projects that may result in delays at the outset.

Recruitment of AJK team members has become more focused, with higher expectations that team members will continue to meet if not exceed customer service expectations, occupational health & safety requirements, participation in training and development programs, involvement in environmental and cultural issues, and building upon the current core values implemented.


Built by our hands on approach to SOURCING, SUPPLY and OUTFITTING, AJK has developed a fully integrated, customised, on-line intranet management system, that allows all team members to actively manage respective processes in real time, and the ability to complete each outfitting project undertaken with a systematic and co-ordinated team approach. Utilising AJK’s intranet service, we are able to continue our ongoing development of better systems, to allow for, and be capable of, global PRODUCT management.


Since commencement, due to QA systems, product packaging, installation processes and site defecting during installation, AJK have achieved and maintained an approximate average defect ratio of total defects to total products installed of 0.05-0.09% (i.e. less 5 – 9 products per 10,000, have had a defect issue once installation is completed) overall. All defects recorded have been fully covered by AJK’s standard 12 month product warranty.


Whilst AJK have only dealt with and/or replaced minor defect issues to date, we continue to work with our manufacturers, to minimise issues that might impact on product durability and/or performance. We have identified that the introduction of new products represents a key area for our team to remain vigilant with when completing performance and durability checks. With many new products comes the challenge to identify and overcome any design issues, that might cause the products failure, or the products inability to meet durability expectations of our Clients.

When sourcing new products, our focus needs to remain on selecting products that offer to meet client expectations with visual appearance, durability, price and ensure that they are suitable for the intended purpose.