Competitive Advantage

The AJK project management system is structured to provide not only cost advantages for like for like products, but to source higher quality products within the budget constraints.

AJK will endeavor to maintain market competitiveness through its China team who are Responsible for managing and monitoring each stage of the export process from product design, manufacture, packaging and transport. Unlike many other importers, AJK does not employ local sourcing agents. AJK maintains strong relationships with their manufacturing teams which allows us to eliminate supply channels that adversely impact on potential cost savings. Our AJK China team is currently developing an on-line catalogue system that will provide clients with easier access to information.

Once product design has been finalised, samples of nominated products can be provided prior to manufacture to allow for checking and quality control purposes. AJK then takes this process one step further by having their team oversee the production of each item to make sure they conform to any prototypes or specifications nominated prior to packaging. AJK systems are in place to ensure that each item is equal in quality to the next.