About AJK


Our two working directors have more than 40 years combined experience in:

  • managing furniture retail businesses in Australia and China
  • project outfitting experience that includes almost 10,000 student and hotel room package installations (completed both in Australia and China).


The project team typically consists of a working director and / or, a project manager, one or two PM assistants/foreman, and outfitting team members as required, to complete project timelines. Our Senior Project Manager has over 14 years building & refurbishment experience as a builder in France, and is responsible for overseeing the various project outfitting teams.


With an in house I.T. Department and admin team charged with developing and maintaining new systems to enable the successful management of all aspects of the business operation. Their eventual target is to system all repetitive and procedural tasks, both in the field, and in the office, and to assist with development of, and the implementation of, a co-ordinated strategy enabling continued future business growth.


Our China office started in 2001 and is responsible for sourcing & maintaining relationships with strategic manufacturing, testing and logistic partners. The China office is charged with preparing and assisting with client quotations, product QA, factory inspections, arranging and completing shipping documentation, product testing, compliance standards, product development and updating details on our manufacturing database.

Andrew Kidd


Andrew is responsible for planning and sales. With over 25 years of senior management experience in the furniture and supply industry, he is focused on implementing new strategies to better manage the company and grow the business. Prior to managing his family retail business, Andrew worked in
Project Management for both Semi Government and Public sectors in the Supply & Logistics industry.

Andrews experience includes systems management, training, inventory control, purchasing, audit, supply analysis and project management. Andrew is well versed in sourcing and delivering product to meet both the financial and physical needs of demanding project team. Andrew uses “just in time” management principals with most accommodation type projects undertaken by AJK.

Aliona Kidd


Aliona is responsible for overseeing successful outcomes with all Project Installations, and is the main communications link between the Australia and Chinese Offices.

Aliona has successfully owned, operated and managed over 14 hospitality and tourism businesses in Australia, and been instrumental in growing these business for their eventual on-sale. Aliona is well versed at both meeting and exceeding the expectations of a discerning client.

Whilst managing her café business in the mid 90’s Aliona joined Andrew to work with his family business and developed new skills in Furniture, Electrical and Real Estate.

Tiffany Zhang

China General Manager

Tiffany’s experience and skills derived from her background in development and construction management. This experience has provided our Team in China with a solid foundation since opening our China office in 2001.

As our China Office General Manager (and Partner), Tiffany is responsible for the day to day management and operation of all activities and tasks undertaken and performed by AJK in China.

Tiffany’s overall responsibility include product and finishes sourcing, completing manufacturer reviews, preparing quotes and project documentation, producing shop drawings for various products as might be required, undertaking quality assurance reporting, certification of standards as required, logistics, completing export documentation, after sales project product service and backup.