Student Accommodation Outfitters

AJK have outfitted in excess of 10,000 rooms since 2006 for Mining and Student Accommodation in Australia.

In doing so we have developed a range of durable products that can be adapted to suit the majority of Student Accommodation projects, whether it be existing facilities or new accommodation.With over 10 years experience in managing our assembly and installation teams in both Australia and China. AJK can manage the entire supply chain process of your next accommodation project from start to finish.

AJK are currently implementing a new Asset Management system that will assist Clients with the ongoing management of all their Loose Furniture assets (and possibly more) into the future. The Asset Management system will allow for the entry of product life cycles and the generation and management of a “Product Life Replacement & Budgeting Schedule”.

Utilising some of the many features offered with AJK’s intranet system, Clients will be able to record both product and room layouts together, and eliminate many of the issues currently experienced in identifying product replacement and location.


  • Free Quotation (Supply and Supply/Installation)
  • Custom Design Service (as required for products supplied by AJK)
  • Formal Contract for Supply & Installation
  • Sourcing product
  • Manufacturing Product
  • Logistics to site
  • Assembly and Installation (as required)
  • Quality Assurance of Manufacturing & Installation process
  • Provision of Standards Certification for such products as might be agreed and nominated in any formal contract.
  • Warranty Care & Maintenance Manual (issued as required)
  • Extended Warranty terms can be negotiated (12 months standard)
  • On-site Occupation Health Statement (OHS) (prepared as required)
  • On-site Project Supervision (or as agreed)
  • Asset Management System (for future replacement and budgeting)
  • One Stop process responsibility

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