Achieving a balanced design outcome is an important aspect with all projects.

Clients often have their own product ideas or specifications prior to tendering their project requirements. AJK and its manufacturers give a high priority to understanding the Clients goals and objectives as might be provided by the Clients design teams, and to incorporate any product changes with this in mind. This means that furniture can be designed to:

  1. Making the best use of available space
  2. Maintaining both Scale and Visual Weight of the product
  3. Attain suitable Colours & Texture with any alternative finishes
  4. Maximizing functionality
  5. Value adding

The size and shape of furniture needs to be considered during the design process to avoid issues during the installation stage (ie. lifts and stairwell sizes). This helps minimise time on site and interruptions to building programs. Our ability to integrate unique design touches into our products (ie. removable lounge covers, custom sizing etc) helps achieve win/win outcomes for all parties involved.