How to improve your supply chain process for an on- time development, or hotel fit out

AJK Outfitters, Accommodation Outfitting Specialist
supply chain hotel fitout
AJK Outfitters, Accommodation Outfitting Specialist

With uncertainties around global supply chains threatening to hinder hotel fit out completion times, it’s important to have strong international partnerships to manage costs and assure on-time supply of products.

Here’s what to look for to assure your suppliers have the right partnerships and systems in place so your FFE commercial fit out, or commercial joinery project is delivered on time at the quality you demand.

Whether it be 100 rooms, or 1,000 rooms required for your hotel fit out, an on-time project delivery within budget is what clients expect their suppliers to deliver on.

The difficulty in recent times, as we have been reminded of in the news, has been pandemic pressures of sourcing products internationally. Unpredictable supply and exchange rates have flow-on effects to delivering on contracts, which in turn can be difficult for developers and construction providers.

In this context, we are reminded that selecting a supplier that can demonstrate a solid approach to supply chain management can make or break a project.

Here are three important considerations as you select a supplier for your next development or hotel fit-out.

1. Look for long-term partnerships built internationally

Since 2005, we at AJK Outfitters have developed partnerships with manufacturers globally. Deep on-site knowledge of their people and their processes has fostered trust in their ability to deliver as we expect.

This experience and time in market has set a contractual foundation for performance with these partners. This supports us to deliver based on our brand values of quality and service excellence.

Without this deep understanding it can be difficult for development and hotel fit out project managers to understand things like:

  • Capability to deliver the right number of products needed
  • Quality of product
  • Price of product
  • Efficiency of delivery

When dealing with suppliers, it’s important to understand how long they’ve partnered with manufacturers and the foundation they’ve laid to stand by their quality delivery.

2. Consider the integrated nature of the procurement, logistics, and installation stages.

As turnkey providers, we at AJK Outfitters realise how important it is to be embedded in the operations of our manufacturers of commercial joinery products and hotel furniture.

Our suppliers have become partners by integrating our processes into their operations through aspects like:

  • A factory presence with on-site AJK Outfitters staff who have oversight of quality assurance, procurement, and logistics.
  • Digital tracking systems with QR codes placed on product boxes before shipping, increasing efficiencies for installation teams.
  • Rigorous checks at every stage, including checking all orders before they leave port, and when they arrive.

If your suppliers can demonstrate their oversight of product quality and delivery, then on- time and on-budget projects can be more easily assured.

3. Ensure you can track your hotel fit out project supply well from start to finish

Good communication with your supplier of commercial joinery and hotel furniture goes a long way to being able to juggle competing priorities with all suppliers on a project.

It helps to always know where you stand so you can get trades in and out of the project at the right times.

“Throughout the journey, the AJK team provided a professional and a very detailed outcome that resolved problems encountered from conceptual design through to managing variations in design as directed by the end user. AJK’s timely execution, and can-do attitude, enabled scope and variation delivery ahead of schedule and to a high standard.”
Kenan Kovacevic, Project Manager, Synergy Construct

Our AJK Outfitters team have custom built a digital client portal we call OMS1, which our clients use to select and track the delivery of hotel furniture and joinery materials in real-time. The system also presents reports on project progress.

This solves an important problem that occurs on many projects with numerous moving parts and stakeholders.

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