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AJK Outfitters, Accommodation Outfitting Specialist
AJK Outfitters - Enticing student accommodation fit out features
AJK Outfitters, Accommodation Outfitting Specialist

The recent creation of the Property Council of Australia’s Student Accommodation Council signals a ‘maturation of the industry’ that new Executive Director, Torie Brown, says will focus on ‘creating a great living experience for students in a sector that is set to grow rapidly over the next decade.’

In the combined efforts to create that ‘great living experience’ the AJK Outfitters team offer significant insight on how to achieve this.

Inspiring new architectural trends for a new decade of students

Andrew Kidd, Managing Director and Co-Founder of AJK Outfitters, acknowledges that after 15 years and thousands of student accommodation room fit-outs the industry has and continues to see significant change.

It is, however, the last Urbanest AJK Outfitters project, the Urbanest Darling Square, for which Andrew is most proud, having embraced architectural trends to inspire this new decade of students.

The Urbanest Darling Square fit out, involved 565 rooms with 634 beds, and was the first location to feature the twin-room design, integrated with a full service catering offering for all students.

Here Andrew shares his insights on what fit out features are in demand right now and how you can encourage students to choose your accommodation over other available options.

1. Versatility: work, rest and some play

Students crave a versatile space. They need the ability to study quietly, but they also want to enjoy some relaxation time and a level of privacy.

A student survey at the time of the Urbanest Darling Square project revealed students preferred a solid division between the beds when sharing a twin apartment.

The AJK Outfitters twin-room fit out increased privacy for students studying and sleeping and reduced potential disruptions. The customised twin-room dividers were re-ordered by the client at two further student accommodation sites due to the overwhelming positive feedback received.

Andrew suggests you reflect on how you may be able to better utilise the space you have available to make your floor plan as versatile and appealing for your student residents as possible.

2. Communal areas fitted out for fun

Student accommodation fit outs that help maximise fantastic rooftop views, create comfortable lounge areas, utilise indoor greenery and feature modern kitchen facilities are all winning options.

Attractive and functional communal entertainment areas are in demand from students who want to study hard, but also have some fun and meet new people.

Being away from home, particularly for international students, can be tough at times, so an inviting space that’s conducive to meeting others is definitely an appealing feature for prospective students.

Selecting a customised ‘hero’ piece that is fun and marketable can be a great way to garner attention and set yourself apart from your competition too. It’s an easily-achievable, high-impact interior tactic to breathe new life into a space.

Think eye-catching and comfortable swing chairs or a statement communal kitchen bench installed with bespoke bar stool seating.

3. The chance to be themselves: customisable features

Simple features like customisable notice boards, shelving over desks and under-bed storage options, allow students to quickly and easily make their accommodation feel more like home.

Customisable features are often quick and cost-effective to install and can be a game-changer for student’s wellbeing.

The AJK Outfitters team can design, source and manufacture fit-for-purpose features that make the most of the available space and help students settle quickly in their home away from home.

End-to-end project management: we take full ownership

The AJK Outfitters team uses a tried and tested end-to-end project management process for all projects we are engaged on.

We have an integrated team based in Australia and offshore and together we take pride in every project we deliver. We have total control over every link in our supply chain and we don’t outsource any component of the projects we deliver.

You can expect to see members of the AJK Outfitters team on-site during the critical install stage, and available for any post-install questions you may have.

We have been working on high-profile fit out projects for over 15 years and we are here for the long-haul. We’d love to partner with you to deliver on your new build or asset management student accommodation fit out needs.

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