AJK Outfitters, Accommodation Outfitting Specialist
AJK Outfitters, Accommodation Outfitting Specialist
How can property developers take advantage of the growing demand for both build-to-rent assets and fully-furnished apartments? Andrew Kidd, Managing Director and Co-Founder of AJK Outfitters, provides an outline of the current state of play - and how AJK is uniquely positioned to assist.
With uncertainties around global supply chains threatening to hinder hotel fit-out completion times, it’s important to have strong international partnerships to manage costs and assure on-time supply of products.
The recent creation of the Property Council of Australia’s Student Accommodation Council will focus on ‘creating a great living experience for students in a sector that is set to grow rapidly over the next decade.’
It is with relief that the hotel and serviced apartment sector is now readying itself for a long-awaited international influx, with promising federal and state government investment on the cards to help drive this growth.