AJK Outfitters: your hotel fit out partner

AJK Outfitters, Accommodation Outfitting Specialist
AJK Outfitters: your hotel fit out partner
AJK Outfitters, Accommodation Outfitting Specialist

It is with relief that the hotel and serviced apartment sector is now readying itself for a long-awaited international influx, with promising federal and state government investment on the cards to help drive this growth. This comes as domestic travel continues its upward trend.

As meeting traveller expectations and building those customer relationships again becomes important, so too does re-focusing on the customer experience.

New guest expectations and experiences

Post-pandemic guests do have new expectations of what they require from their short-stay experience.

The AJK Outfitters team have fitted-out over 17,500+ rooms, involving over 875,000 individual product items, including Sydney’s The Felix Hotel on behalf of their client PBS Constructions.

Some of the trends in hotel fit outs for 2022 that Andrew Kidd, AJK Outfitters Managing Director, has identified include:

  • Cleanability of furniture packages: surfaces are being updated to ensure they are easy to clean, comply with COVID-Safe standards and to give guests confidence before, during and after their stay.
  • A renewed focus on wellbeing: new developments and asset management projects are seeking to deliver an uplifting space that’s relaxing and a genuine destination, away from the home environment. People are craving escapism after being in pandemic-induced lockdowns.
  • Flexibility of use: is being considered during the design stage, along with the need for custom design elements that create a bespoke and memorable guest experience.
  • Technology: is playing an expanded role in the upgrading of rooms to create a premium guest experience, particularly for the Gen Z guest target market.
  • Consistency: Hotel owners are acutely aware that they are competing with alternative accommodation providers, particularly Airbnb domestically. A clear point of difference for a well-fitted out hotel or serviced apartment is consistency in the guest experience.

A partnership approach to true turnkey delivery

“A critical stage of hotel fit out projects is the install. We take full responsibility for the installation of all projects we are engaged on. We don’t outsource, it’s the AJK Outfitters team, on the ground, getting the job done, getting every detail right,” Aliona Kidd, AJK Outfitters Co-Company Director and Head of Projects said.

AJK Outfitters’ service is adaptable to every sector. The team has experience delivering new build and lifecycle asset management outfitting projects, on scale. No project is too big for their team and as a family-owned and operated company, every project is personal.

The team maintains their quality standards, budgets and timeframes for delivery with a custom-built technology platform that gives full visibility to their clients.

“Our OMS1 AJK Outfitters technology platform includes a range of features from product sourcing enabling domestic and international price estimates, safety management, installation product allocation to lifecycle asset management. It gives our clients transparency and confidence in the outfitting projects we collaborate with them on.

It is all about partnership at the end of the day, and getting the job delivered, on time every time,” Aliona said.

A robust supply chain

The AJK Outfitters team has built a supply chain over many years that covers every link; from project analysis and space planning, to procurement and manufacture to warranties and after sales service.

With teams in Australia and offshore, the AJK Outfitters secure global supply chain is a key factor behind their growth and success in becoming one of Australia’s largest outfitting companies.

Their clients vouch for them

“AJK are leaders in the FF&E turnkey fit out market and should be the first name on everyone’s procurement list,” said Leon Kenney, Urbanest Director of Projects and Design, 2015-2020 and AJK Outfitters client.

Get in touch

The AJK Outfitters team has a growing pipeline of projects and welcome enquiries for new outfitting opportunities across all sectors.

The experienced and expanding team have fitted out the full variety of accommodation developments, including hotels, student accommodation, mining sites and Government correctional facilities. They specialise in fixed and loose FFE, and fully integrated joinery in large volumes.

Contact the team today to discuss your accommodation outfitting requirements, the AJK Outfitters team would love to partner with you.